My style
I’m most happy when I capture photos that represent real moments— the smile just before a kiss, or laughter when you’re failing to dance gracefully in your huge wedding dress. Real moments show you in your most genuine light and that is what I’m all about. Every couple shows their love in unique ways and I’ll hone in on that and make sure you love your photos. 
What to expect
When we’re hanging out, I’m not the type to overly direct or pose you. I’ll give you general prompts on where to move and how, and you get to fill in the rest with what feels natural to you. Any awkwardness you may feel will dissipate as you realize you’ll just be hanging out as I’m casually pressing the shutter (I jokingly call this "paparazzi mode")
I’m dedicated
I love going the extra mile—climbing in a tree to get the perfect shot (which won’t be graceful but it will get you laughing) or helping you superglue your something blue on your big day. I’m surprisingly resourceful and am more than happy to relieve any of your worries.
We’re gonna get close!
If we’re gonna be hanging out for hours on end, we will undoubtedly be close— but that goes beyond just taking your photos. Text me at 2am with your indecision over bridesmaid dresses. Email me all your Pinterest boards. Spam me with questions months ahead of your wedding day. I’m in this with you! 
What I want from you
For your portraits, tell me everything you want. What matters to you? Who matters to you? How do you want to remember this moment in time? Tell me your beautiful love story and you’ll have photos to match. 
If what I've described matches your vibe, let's chat! 
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