Hey there!
I'm Samantha, but I always go by Sam (or Sammy Jean if you know me well). I'm playful and enthusiastic, and never afraid to be goofy to bring a smile to your face. 
I figure that if we are going to spend countless hours hanging out on your wedding day, or at least the evening chasing the sunset for the perfect golden hour glow, you should know a bit more about me! ​​​​​​​
•   Volleyball:  Literally can't get enough of this sport and I started playing a few years ago before the pandemic (it's actually how I met my partner Tavis, too). The position I play is power so I get the fun job of smashing the ball over the net! That sounds good on paper but the main issue is that I'm waaaaaay shorter than the net. 
•   Music:   I play guitar and bass and although I find myself listening to most types of music, Spotify tells me my top genre is post-progressive hardcore haha. But don't worry— I'll play chill music while I'm taking your photo! I'm currently playing bass in a cover band! Stay tuned on my IG if we play any gigs haha.  
•   Languages:   I love learning new languages; so far I'm at 6— English, French, Spanish, Greek, Latin, and Mandarin— but apparently I can't stick it out until I'm fluent (but in my defense, 2 are dead languages). The Duolingo Owl haunts me everyday! (2023 Update: I am working towards a 100-day streak in Spanish!!) 
•   MY CATS:   We adopted our first kitty Kaipo from the Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue and she is a perfect angel; it's safe to say that I'm obsessed with her.  Her name means "sweetheart" in Hawaiian. A few years later we added our handsome boy Pololo to the mix (which is "brother" in Hawaiian because me and my brother have sibling cats!). He's a Scottish fold and is the floofiest cat you've ever seen! 
Now it's not fair that you know all about me but I don't know you. Click that button below to send me a message so we can chat!  ♥